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Your Tax Return
Should we complete your tax return by mail or in person? 


Take advantage of our experience and knowledge.

A tax dollar saved is a dollar of tax-free income. 

Why do more clergy come back to us year after year? 

To make tax preparation even easier for you we have developed a copyrighted four-page CLERGY TAX CHECKLIST.

This checklist helps you organize your tax information. It also makes keeping track of deductions easier for next year.  And it will open your eyes to new deductions and tax savings possibilities. 

After you complete your checklist, mail or FAX it back to us so we can thoroughly prepare your tax return.

To receive a CLERGY TAX CHECKLIST by mail or FAX, just use our order form.

  • Serving clients in 50 states since 1971--for 31 years.

  • Serving missionaries and ex-patriots in most foreign countries.

  • Serving thousands of ministers and church workers.


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