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Free Services

  Free evaluation of current tax return. Fax or mail copy--not original.
  Free 10 minute consultation. We will call to make phone appointment.
  Call me. I want more information on your tax service.

Money-saving goods and services

  TAX CHECKLIST: (New clients only) your $10.00 deposit will be credited to your tax preparation fee.  Checklist helps you organize your tax information and locate overlooked deductions.    
  TAX PREPARATION: We prepare your Federal and State Tax, consult with you to increase deductions and plan for better results next year, and ship your completed, computer-generated returns to your home or office.    
  TAX RECORD FILE. $10.00. Twelve-pocket expandable file with labels and instructions.   Keep records in order and in one place!  



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Mail to: Clergy Tax & Financial Services, PO Box 3156 Whittier, CA 90605-0156
FAX to: (562)906-9903
PHONE orders: (562) 906-9906

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