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Preparing for tax filing can be frustrating and seem endless. But if you have a "map," you can move in a straight line and solve the problem.  Clergy Tax and Financial Services provides that map.  Our knowledge of tax law and our understanding of tax procedure lets us give our clients the best possible solutions and advice.   

  • Should I "OPT OUT" of Social Security? 
  • Am I claiming every deduction I deserve? 
  • Am I an employee or self-employed? 
  • Am I a minister for tax purposes?
  • Should we use W-2 or 1099?
  • Optimal structuring of pastors' compensation packages.
  • Setting up accountable reimbursement plans.
  • Calculating ministers' estimated tax payments to avoid penalties.
  • Solving IRS problems and replying correctly to IRS letters.
  • Solving clergy problems with the Social Security Administration.
  • Efficient church payroll record keeping.

We can answer these questions and many more like them.   Every situation is different and each minister and each church has different set of tax needs.  Get a strong start with an introductory consultation.

Every new Clergy Tax client receives a consultation at no cost. 

Clergy Tax and Financial Services

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Consultation services available for clergy, church workers, and for churches.

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